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Lishi Yoga: Tuesdays 11am

This class is led by Vicky Whyte, is part of our 60+ programme and is held at Ingestre Community Centre,Ingestre Road, NW5 1UX - 020 7267 0281

Lishi Yoga  comes from China and is a physical practice of ancient science and philosophy, based on the flowing movements and philosophy of Daoism. We will be introduced to a wide range of exercises that strengthen different aspects of our mind and body. We will warm the body up, do gentle stretching and breathing exercises, and we will begin to feel ourselves getting better, and becoming more relaxed, calmer, and more confident.

Classes are paid for by donations in the range £1 to £5 for each class, which are collected and paid into HNCC's current account to support payment of tutor fees. 

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