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Exercise Classes for over 60s include: Qi Gong on Mondays 9.30am, Circle Dance on Tuesdays 9.30am, and Pilates 9.30am on Thursdays, most of which take place in the People's Gospel Mission Hall, which is accessible via the Fresh Youth Academy:

These classes were funded until 2017, when we were informed that participants now had to pay, so to make it affordable to those who are on low incomes, we have evolved a system of self-funding, linked with the signing-in register for each class, when attendees give an anonymous donation of £1 to £5 in the box (aiming to average £3.50 which according to current numbers should be enough to fund tuition costs). The money is paid into the HNCC account, where it is available to pay tutor invoices. Here is the current Timetable, which we will try to keep updated as things evolve. If you have any queries or would like to join us, go to Contact Us.