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Background & Update

There has been a series of campaigns around the proposed rebuilding programme. Initially the Community Centre was going to be put into the basement of a block of flats (most of which are not going to be on offer at affordable rates), and there was a storm of protest, which resulted in an improved plan. A renewed campaign against the plan as a whole was launched in advance of the planning meeting to be held on 14th February 2019 - see Key Documents, and Contacts in Camden.

An associated campaign, in case all else fails, is to save the historical People's Gospel Mission Hall, which is not part of the centre - it has access from the extension which houses the Fresh Youth Academy (above), but faces out into nearby Winscombe Street (below). The plan is to turn this Hall into two luxury homes - if you wish to follow or participate in either aspect of this campaign and wish to be kept informed, please Contact Us.

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