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This website has been inspired by the need to support continuity of the 60+ exercise classes, which are not well described on the centre's main website, as current funding is for 55+ and 75+ activities, but we hope to serve all users of the centre. Here is our current Timetable, which we are updating as things evolve. For details of 60+ classes, see the Activities Page. If you would like to be involved or need further information please use the Contact Us form on this website.

Because of centre development project, the building is planned to be out of use, from 1st March 2019 onwards, and our classes are being moved to various halls nearby. The purpose of this website (and associated mailing list) is enable centre users to keep in touch. Here is a view of the main building of the current centre, which has many rooms in use for a variety of projects, including Therapy, Lunches and Art Classes.

The view below, looking across from the Fresh Youth Academy shows the large hall, a fully-equipped gymnasium (next to the woodwork studio, which used to house the under five's space) where we currently hold classes when the Gospel Mission Hall is unavailable.